Reaching the Unreached

Al-Ameen Engineering College (AEC), managed by Al-Ameen Educational Trust, strives to provide quality education and benevolent service for the rural areas. By keeping this vision,  our college established  in a rural area, the inner part of Shoranur, Kerala and  is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. Our college was given priority for local employment.

An education system in rural communities has the opportunity to build capacity and knowledge in the rural populace, helping them to make informed decisions about their life status. Education also exposes the masses to information and helps prevent the misinterpretation of information. Education can lead to many positive outcomes, such as an improved ability to understand policies, procedures, rights, duties, government schemes, legislation, available benefits, and protection laws.

Providing Job Opportunities to the Local Residents

The people in this area are occupied in various posts in our colleges. This is a great benefit for us and a boon to the locals. The Employment vacancies for class -IV to higher posts are given prior to the local people. Our canteen is running with local people till now.  The maintenance and repair works of our college is mainly provided to the nearby professionals.

Promoting Higher Education in Rural Area

AEC is giving free entrance exam coaching to localities plus two students for engineering and medicine. AEC gives local school children the chance to become familiar with the science labs so they can do better on public exams.

In connection with Tech Fest every year, AEC offers diploma students with an introduction to engineering tools and emphasises the significance of various engineering fields.

Promoting the Digital Literacy for Local people

AEC giving Digital Literacy for class IV staffs for accessing the computer and Smartphone for their better day to day life.

Extending hand in hand support for localities

Students from AL-AMEEN actively helped with flood relief after the severe floods of 2018 and 2019. They've donated food packages to the public, gathered money for the Chief Minister's relief fund, and received special recognition from municipal officials.

Our Students are actively involved with the Local Governing body for their public development works such as   building and road construction. Civil Engineering department of AEC extending their service for testing and certifying of construction materials also.

NSS Unit of Our College   has a huge data base of the blood donors by organizing the Blood donation camp at college premises regularly. A Special Eye testing camp organized by our college NSS Unit is also makes benefit   to diagnose the eye problems of localities.

Providing Fee Concession for Local students

AEC is providing a good amount of fee concession for the students from localities on the basis of their financial status. It helps them to come forward and avail the professional education at local place.

Role in Area Development

Our college actively participated for the development in roadways from Kullappully to  College  by  contributing the  asphalt work. It seems better transportation facility for the localities.

AEC also played a great role in electrification of the area by extending the 11 KV power to the college. It makes fulfillment of power requirement of the local area.