Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department shares the mission and vision of the Institution imparting high quality education to the students. The Department is honored to have well-qualified, experienced and committed faculty and an equally zealous technical staff.

Our Focus..

In addition to the delivery of basic science and engineering subjects, greater emphasis is made to boost up our students to specialize in the rapidly evolving technologies like VLSI, embedded system, analog and digital signal processing, mobile communication etc.


  • Electronic Circuits Lab.
  • Advance Communication Lab.
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab.
  • Digital Electronics Lab.
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab.
  • Linear Integrated circuits Lab.


  • The specialization of the faculty members includes communication system engineering, VLSI, applied electronics, wireless communication and embedded system.
  • The Laboratories are equipped with high end equipments like ADSP processors, Spartan FPGA kit, Microwave Benches, Optical Fiber kits, Advanced communication kits, DSO, Microprocessor &Micro Controller kits, and latest software packages like MATLAB, B2B SPICE, XILINX, PROTEUS, LabVIEW, Network Simulator and Code Composer Studio to impart hands on experience and training in the latest technology to complement their theoretical knowledge.
  • All the laboratories have a minimum of 10 workbenches so that individual based training is possible.

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