Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the estimable departments of Al Ameen Engineering College in progress from origin of the institution. The department has been rated awfully high in academic circles. The department is focused on the theoretical and practical aspects related to electrical machines, electrical and electronic circuits, devices and controls.

Our Focus..

Excellent laboratories have been laid out for the practical instruction of students with learning, testing and measurement facilities under the guidance of well experienced teachers and technical staff.


  • Electrical Workshop.
  • Electrical Machines Lab.
  • Power Electronics Lab.
  • Advanced Electrical Engineering Lab.
  • Electrical Measurements and Instrumentaion Lab.


  • The specialization of the faculty members includes Control System, Power Electronics, VLSI, Applied Electronics, Power System, Industrial Drives and Control.
  • The Laboratories are equipped with high end equipment with Real Time Card for MATLAB interfacing, BLDC motor kit, adequate number of AC and DC machines and transformers to impart hands on experience and training in the latest technology to complement their theoretical knowledge.
  • 125A-220V DC rectifier, 50HP/40KW MG set to provide uninterruptable DC Source for the laboratory usage.
  • Our machine lab is equipped with a minimum of 10 AC/DC machines executable at a time so that individual based training is possible.
  • Our simulation lab is exclusively for itself to train the students in various simulation software packages such as Mipower, PSCAD MATLAB and PSpice etc.

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