M.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Enginering

This Course aims at training graduate engineers in the field of Power Systems. This course deals with the state of the art techniques in Power System analysis, stability evaluation planning, reliability and forecasting. The course Also covers subjects on high voltage DC transmission, Industrial electronics and controls, Power electronics and drives, wind and solar energy electric conversion systems and advanced topics in micro processors and micro controllers which are very much needed for today’s power system engineer. Projects of practical relevance in these areas of carried out in the final semester of the course.

A student who has undergone M.Tech. programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering will

  • Have an ability to evaluate and analyze problems related to Power Systems and be able to synthesize the domain knowledge and incorporate the principles in the state of art systems for further enrichment.
  • Be able to critically investigate the prevailing complex PS scenarios and arrive at possible solutions independently, by applying the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Be able to develop broad-based economically viable solutions for unit commitment and scheduling.
  • Be able to identify optimal solutions for improvising power transfer capability, enhancing power quality and reliability.
  • Be able to confidently interact with the industrial experts for providing consultancy.


  • The specialization of the faculty members includes control system, Power Electronics, VLSI, Applied Electronics, Power system, Industrial drives and control.
  • The laboratories are equipped with high end equipments with real time card for MATLAB, interfacing, BLDC motor kit, Adequate number of AC and DC machines and transformers to impart hands on experience and training in the latest technology to complement their theoretical knowledge.
  • 125A-220V DC rectifier and 50HP/40KW MG set to provide uninterrupted DC source for the laboratory usage.
  • Our machine lab equipped with a minimum of 10 AC/DC machines executable at a time so that individual based training is possible.
  • Our simulation lab is exclusively for itself to train the students in various simulation software packages such as Mipower, PSCAD, MATLAB and PSPICE etc.

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