Our Teaching Methods

AEC identifies effective learning strategies by continuously assessing the importance of our current teaching methods and introducing innovative ideas to reach the goal. We try to blend conventional didactic approach with experiments that empower the formative learning process. Some of the important teaching strategies include.

This will be achieved through

  • Lectures, case-discussions, lab sessions, experiential class activities, seminars, project works, structured and unstructured group works, simulation, field teaching etc. All the above mentioned strategies are followed with the help of well planned academic calendar.
  • Students are formally assessed through diverse assessment strategies to ensure whether they have reached the education goals. We follow a system of continuous evaluation through examinations, portfolio and performance assessment, paper presentations, quizzes, etc.
  • Based on the evaluation of student’s performance we also follow periodic counseling programs and suggest remedial classes for their improvement.
  • We recognize the importance of families in supporting the overall development of the students. Our parent teacher interactive sessions opens gateway for the betterment of students and institution.